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Tramadol To Be Discontinued Online June 2014

Yes it is true. The FDA in all their wisdom is seeing to it they cowtail to big pharma and moving Tramadol off the list of non-controlled meds, to a controlled drug. See detailed solutions below!


What About Tramadol?

We have plenty of stock of Tramadol with 13 days between refills. But even better, we have opened up a new source of Tramadol and other mediations. You can now buy tramadol in up to 300 counts from our UK based website.

What's the difference between US Tramadol and UK Tramadol? US Tramadol is in tablet form and the UK Tramadol is comes in capsule form. Our UK tramadol comes from Bristol Labs, a name that has been around for a very long time.

So you can purchase now from our store and/or visit to purchase up to 300 tramadol for as low as $189.00 with Free shipping! 200 counts are less than anyone elses 180 counts at just $149.00, also Free Shipping. For proof, you can see the Bristol website here.

But that isn't all. We are working on a new pain reliever similar to tramadol with fewer side effects and one that has shown great promise to those in chronic pain. More on that later! In the interim, we invite you to visit our comparison website at OPD247.COM for more info. Please consider signing up for our free Newsletter to keep informed about changes to the online pharmacy industry.

So take advantage now of these great offers if you need tramadol. June will fast approach and if you need to get it, now is the time so please don't delay. The UK website takes a little longer to ship into the US using first class mail but when I ordered, it was only about 10 days total. A great way to supplement your orders without having to worry about lead times causing you to run out!

What Are You Really Paying For Tramadol?

. . . Especially after you add up all those hidden fees?

Everyone tries to put their best face forward, but some might not be totally honest when it comes to what your real cost of 180 Tramadol is. So here is a quick view of us,, vs some other websites.

  Remember, just because they "say" they're the lowest priced doesn't make it so!

Pharmacy Advertised Price Shipping Fees Process Fees Total Per Pill $ $129.00 $0.00 $0.00 $1.075 $109.00^ $0.00 $0.00 $1.09 $149.00^^ $0.00 $0.00 $0.745 Best Value
^$109 Price based on 100 count. ^^$149 Price based on 200 Count 300 Count also available @ $0.63 Per Pill.
Credit Card Pharmacy A $129.00 $19.95 Visa $1.24
C.O.D. Pharmacy B $129.00 $19.99 $11.99 $1.175
3-Day Pharmacy C $139.95 19.95* $0.00 $1.33
As an added bonus, because we are now using USPS, we can offer you Free Saturday Delivery too, a savings to you of as much as $32.00 on top of our other savings. If you need to get your order in Next Day, we have the option for that too. It's only $20.00.

And, probably most important, is the fact that we are available for you to ask questions and get help virtually anytime. We have the pharmacy customer support by phone or email and you can email me, your webmaster, to answer questions anytime you have them.

There are a ton of affiliate websites out there, wanting your business. But not one of them will put their own contact information on their website. But This Is Why I Do What They Won't: Click Here To See What Others Are Saying!

See our contact us page for all the ways you can reach us.

You get the picture. This example is true for every product we offer, the price you see is the price you pay. That's why we say we really are a different kind of online pharmacy.

Payment Options:  We accept COD's payable by Cashier's (bank guaranteed), or Money Order. You can also use your Visa or MasterCard Credit or Debit card. If you have any problems getting an order placed, Contact Us!

So if you're ready to order now, here are some quick links below or use the navigation list on the right to find your medication.

Some start restrictions do apply.

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